Welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

Welcome to Abnormusick Productions, creativity that transcends music to new levels. If a prolific musical repertoire is what you seek, then Abnormal will be sure to provide. His artistry and production skills will take you on a sonic ride with hip hop, funk, R&B, electronic and rock influences.

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Recent Albums

Parallel Paradox album

This future album in the making is an uptempo assault. Mixed with electronic and dance. Abnormal experiments with lyrics and vocals that uplift. Your mind body and soul coming soon 2009

The Funk Planet album

Your in a planet of funk with live bass and guitars in your ears. Abnormal brings vocal tricks in songs made for media, film and t.v. sync.This album gives you all sorts of FUNK from different genres…

Distorted Harmony visual album

The Distorted Harmony visual album project is abnormal laying down his artistry. This hip hop, r/b retro project is sure to give you a realistic view about life and relationships.Every song gives you…


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